Tracks: An Animal Tracking Book for Kids (Paperback)

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Tracks: An Animal Tracking Book for Kids (Paperback)


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It's Time to Become Forensic Animal Detectives

Have you gone camping and discovered in the morning that you had a visitor while you were sleeping?

Have you gone out to the woods and seen a fleeting glimpse of a critter only to find it left a few signs of some of its activities?

After a fresh snow have you run into your backyard to discover you weren't the first one to make tracks?

Animals leave signs that can tell you if they are male or female, how they live and what they feed on. Their tracks can reveal if they were walking, feeding, pursuing prey, or evading predators. It's all in knowing what to look for, and Tracks is an interactive, fun-filled guide that will help you identify animal tracks and signs, and get a little glimpse into your local wildlife.

Advance Praise for Tracks from Young Animal Detectives

"I liked the book because it was funny. I liked that the pictures were cool."

Q, age 7

"It's good. I liked the pictures and games."

AK, age 9

"The book is great I learned about what to look for in animal tracks to figure out who left them. I liked the turtles."

CD, age 11

"Really good book, kept me interested till the end, The pictures are really good and I liked the way it describes the animals and how they live."

BK, age 12

"I think the book explains animal tracks well. Lots of interesting details, like that during hibernation bears recycle their poop into protein."

RD, age 13

"I was very informative and I learned a lot about animals and their tracks that I didn't know before. It was interesting to learn how animal mothers do nasty things to protect their offspring."

SK, age 14

Product Details ISBN: 9780578721866
ISBN-10: 0578721864
Publisher: Backwoods Publishing
Publication Date: October 8th, 2020
Pages: 422
Language: English