Starboard Quest: Sailing the Sea of Sound to Explore Music's Connection to the Universe (Paperback)

Starboard Quest: Sailing the Sea of Sound to Explore Music's Connection to the Universe By Mark Jager Cover Image

Starboard Quest: Sailing the Sea of Sound to Explore Music's Connection to the Universe (Paperback)


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Ancient sages spoke of secret music, purposely hidden from the ears of most mortals. Researchers say the enlightened philosopher, Pythagoras, could hear this music. He perceived it, even while in the immediate presence of those who couldn't.

Pythagoras and others believed that all things were making music. Pythagoras reportedly believed that people couldn't hear it because they were entangled in the illusion of material existence. Also, that one day this music would return to certain individuals again. It would begin to dawn within the consciousness of those tuned into it. The clues to this music can be found written in the stars.

The ancients believed in a connection between music & the universe.

The Starboard Quest invites readers to climb onboard a symbolic universal ship to examine man's search for this hidden music through the ages.

Evidence is mounting, that this ancient music is resurfacing, from the mysterious depths of outer space.

Welcome aboard the Starboard Quest

The "Starboard Quest" is the name of our symbolic ship. You, as the reader, will be climbing aboard as a passenger. Your voyage will be a symbolic journey of trying to better understand the connection of music to the universe.

There have been a large number of musical sages throughout the centuries who have taught us many things about music. These people were on the same quest for understanding that we are. They will be our fellow passengers and crew members on this symbolic ship.

They were once on a similar musical journey. They traveled these waters before us, and actually charted out some of the way.

They sought to give us a sense of how music is connected with the Earth, astronomy, mathematics, and geometry. All these fields work as one, and being one, all of the components work together to speak of a greater musical reality whose sum, is greater than its parts.

Now, let's sail into deeper symbolism. Picture if you will, That onboard this ship are musical geniuses such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Onboard, there are also brilliant mathematicians such as Pythagoras, and Johannes Kepler. There are others from more modern times on board like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. The ship's travelers include philosophers and theologians such as Hermes Trismegistus, Plato, Socrates, and Martin Luther. Astronomers such Galileo and Copernicus are on board too. The list of sages is too numerous to mention.

Let's imagine the symbolic musical ship is on a journey. Some of the voyage is in uncharted waters. It is being guided on its quest by celestial navigation. Celestial navigation is the science of guiding a ship to its destination by the stars. Let's visualize that the aforementioned ship is navigating to the musical constellation in the sky named "Lyra".

Lyra is a constellation, which to ancient man, was depicted as an eagle with outspread wings, and the chest area of its body composed of a beautiful harp. In this symbology of which we are speaking, let's continue to imagine the ship has been navigating towards this constellation for thousands of years.

On this journey, all of the important things that have been learned from the past will be going with us. However, no one is looking back. All hope to go forward to the ultimate musical destination, all are looking up so to speak. The ever upward gaze towards the harp constellation represents The attempt to navigate towards the higher standards of music.

No claim is made of having arrived, it shows, however, a desire to look up, and head in that direction.

The invitation is extended to all those who wish to climb aboard to join the crew in the goal of exploring the fascinating worlds of frequency, sound, and vibration.

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Publication Date: November 22nd, 2021
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