Information Now, Second Edition: A Graphic Guide to Student Research and Web Literacy (Paperback)

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Information Now, Second Edition: A Graphic Guide to Student Research and Web Literacy (Paperback)


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With a flood of information available today, Information Now, Second Edition provides a learning landscape ideal for Adulting 101 discovery. Incorporating amusing metaphors, critical thinking, digital and information research strategies, classification road maps, and organizational tools learners gain an understanding of the research process. This comical and inspiring approach captivates readers with controlled vocabulary, scaffolding support, and “research on the go” techniques with clever depictions.


Information Now, Second Edition offers “How Search Works,” a directory of Open Educational Resources, and reliable websites encouraging scholarly inquiry. Making sense of algorithms, rules, and procedures result in accuracy rather than bias. Witty identification of “pirate” as a verb and “pirate” as a noun, a backpack service, social media evaluation, and critical thinking exercises deepen this exploration. The authors weave curiosity into knowledge collection and attribute Creative Commons and other licensed resources ethically with precise citations.


Ideal for novice students and a tremendous review for experts, Information Now, Second Edition enlightens research. Learn how to host a Wiki “Fact-Checkers Edit-a-thon” with reliable resources. This entertaining and informative guide with glossary and insightful techniques will enhance your investigation.


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Carmaine Ternes

Librarian, Author, Editor, Presenter

Today’s information environments are complex, and learning how to find relevant and reliable information online, as well as how to fact-check and evaluate that information, is essential. Enter Information Now, a graphic guide that uses humor and sequential art to teach students about information, research, and the web. 

This second edition of the popular guide incorporates critical analysis of information systems, asking students to think about the biases and problems in how databases and search engines are designed and used. It also addresses how different populations of people are disproportionately affected by the algorithmic biases built into information systems. And it includes revised critical thinking exercises in every chapter.

Written and revised by library professionals, Information Now is a fun and insightful tool for high school and college students, writers, and anyone wanting to improve their research skills.
Matt Upson is assistant professor and director of library undergraduate services at Oklahoma State University.

C. Michael Hall is a writer, cartoonist, and public speaker who advocates for comics and graphic novels in libraries and educational settings and creates visual aids for libraries.

Kevin Cannon is the illustrator of numerous educational and fictional graphic texts, including Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing and The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy.
Product Details ISBN: 9780226766119
ISBN-10: 022676611X
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Publication Date: May 20th, 2021
Pages: 136
Information Now equips undergraduate students with essential research strategies and tools as they navigate the complex information world. It scaffolds the research process through real-world examples, good humor, and helpful exercises. The authors have packed their many years of information literacy teaching wisdom into this short graphic guide—the comic-book style engages college readers and makes the learning experience enjoyable.”
— Ning Zou, Associate Director for Student Academic Services and Learning Design, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Upson and Luetkenhaus have energized the second edition with critical issues for today’s global citizen. The addition and breakdown of algorithmic bias, the SIFT method of fact-checking on the web, and the nuances of Wikipedia are incredibly important for students and lifelong learners alike to engage with and integrate into their daily use of information platforms. A wonderful addition to any high school or college information literacy curriculum.”
— Joelle Pitts, Associate Dean, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

Information Now is an ideal antidote for students navigating the complex and often overwhelming world of university-level research. Newly updated to address the intricacies of a digital information landscape, this graphic guide is essential both for students producing research projects and for librarians teaching critical information and digital literacies. With relatable dialogue and engaging graphics, this creative approach to the many levels of the research process will draw in even the wariest student researcher.”
— Melissa Mallon, Library Director and Director of Teaching & Learning, Vanderbilt University

“The updated version of Information Now takes readers on a fast-paced ride through the world of information. In addition to covering the basics, this book takes a fresh approach to integrating complex issues related to privacy, equity, and bias into all aspects of the information ecosystem. Information Now offers a fun read and complements any instruction program by transforming abstract concepts into practical applications through critical thinking exercises, engaging graphics, and sharp text.”
— Cinthya Ippoliti, University Librarian and Director of the Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver

"While the treatment is novel, and quite a departure from the usual academic presentation, the material is right on the mark. Once you adjust your “textbook” expectations, the authors present you with a most readable, highly organized, and quite thorough exploration of research methodologies covering all aspects from the Dewey Decimal system to advanced Web searches; from ethics and validity to bias and misinformation. . . . Having taught college composition classes, I would highly recommend Information Now as a superb companion text. The relatable dialogue, engaging graphics, and creative approach to the subject matter will keep students reading and even enjoying the book."
— Technical Communication