Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline: The 7 Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation (Paperback)

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline: The 7 Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation By Becky A. Bailey Cover Image

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline: The 7 Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation (Paperback)


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Learn how to stop policing and pleading and become the parent you want to be!

Dr. Becky Bailey's powerful approach to parenting has made thousands of families happier and healthier. Focusing on self-control and confidence-building for both parent and child, Dr. Bailey teaches a series of linked skills to help families move from turmoil to tranquility: 7 Powers for Self-Control to help parents model the behavior they want their kids to follow. These lead to:

  • 7 Basic Discipline Skills to help children manage sticky situations at home and at school, which will help your children develop
  • 7 Values for Living, such as Integrity, Respect, Compassion, and Responsibility

Dr. Bailey integrates these principles into a seven-week program that approaches discipline from a radically new perspective, offering plenty of real-life anecdotes that illustrate her methods at work. With this inspiring and practical book in hand, you'll find new ways of understanding and improving children's behavior, as well as your own.

Contains clear, actionable steps to establish a new and effective discipline style.

Your two kids are bickering in the back seat—sniping turns to screeching and seat belts are yanked off as big brother lunges for little sister. You're at your wits' end, but you remember Becky Bailey's advice about the Power of Perception: No one can make you angry without your permission. Whoever is in charge of your feelings is in charge of you.

Instead of yelling a vague, "Don't make me have to stop this car!" you clearly state, "I feel overwhelmed with all this noise in the car. You may not take off your seat belts or hit each other. I'm going to pull over until you put your seat belts on." You've just used the Discipline Skill of Composure: living the values you want your child to develop. The Value you're modeling is Integrity: how to be in charge of our own feelings and actions. Kids with integrity take ownership of their own mistakes, don't cave in to peer pressure, and go through life with their heads on straight and hearts intact.

This book contains dozens of down-to-earth anecdotes and scenarios that illustrate how to put your new discipline skills into action, and a seven-week program to get parents off to a quick start. The results far exceed most parents' dreams.

Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., specializes in early childhood education and developmental psychology. Her lectures reach more than 20,000 people annually, and her awards include a Parents' Choice Foundation commendation for three of her parenting audiotapes. She has appeared on CNN, PBS, and The Hour of Power with Dr. Robert Schuller, among other programs. She lives in Oviedo, Florida.

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Publication Date: December 24th, 2001
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“This is a must-read book for every parent, teacher, and childcare provider. Becky Bailey lays the foundation for a powerful approach to bringing up children and educating them.” — Susan Petroff, vice president, Phoebus Communications; executive director, Reading Is Fundamental® Telecommunications Partnership

“All parents, grandparents, and child-centered professionals should run, not walk, to the nearest bookstore! Rich with examples, processes, and guidelines, this brilliant and insightful work succeeds at being at once easy to read, lighthearted, and profoundly helpful.” — Carol Howe, author of Healing the Hurt Behind Addictions

"In Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, Becky Bailey emphasizes that the flowering of our children will come through our learning about ourselves. She delineates simply yet eloquently how to maintain self-control in seven basic steps that produce in our children seven guiding values for life. This is a book for everyone—not just parents." — Marythelma Brainard, PhD