Book Subscription Program

Watermark Books & Cafe is pleased to offer a children's book subscription program for family and friends to dote on their young readers. The program offers subscribers a chance to send books to children, from infant to 18-year-olds to celebrate reading all year round plus birthdays. Each mailing will include a wrapped book and a note (filled out by Watermark staff) indicating the book giver, and total cost per mailing will be between $15-$25, which includes shipping. This no-hassle subscription program makes building your young reader's library a joyous task, and it keeps books in their hands. 

If you're interested in joining the subscriber program, please fill out the following form for EACH child that you'd like to subscribe for. A bookseller will contact you to enroll you in the program. Plus, we'll do our best to keep the books intriguing for your young reader by personalizing the book choices based on the interests you include here. We'll also send you a confirmation email each time we ship books to your young reader.

Have some specific questions about the program? Contact our Children's Coordinator, Janice Penner at janice.penner[at] If you'd like to send books more frequently than once a season, contact Janice and let her know. 

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