Is sheltering-in-place in your home starting to feel like a nightmare? Then you need to check out my top five favorite novels that’ll have you saying “at least I’m not stuck there!” From haunted houses to crazy families, these 5 stories will make OUR stay-at-home order look like a cakewalk. 



For most of us introverts, the idea of sheltering-in-place with a good book sounded like heaven… at least at first. Now that we’ve all been spending more time in our homes with loud family members, endless DIY projects, or passive-aggressive cats, we’re all starting to go a little mad. So, to make everyone feel better about their shelter-in-place situation, I’m giving you 5 novels that will give us all a new perspective. Because no matter how hard you have it, at least your house isn’t haunted! 

#5 - The Escape Room

Okay so, I know this one is an elevator and not a “house” but it is definitely one you DO NOT want to be stuck in. In Megan Goldin’s riveting debut novel, four investment bankers are trapped in the confines of an overheated elevator, where their secrets and true natures are forced to the surface as their survival becomes questionable. As these ruthless co-workers fight to keep it together, a mysterious force works behind the scenes to ensure they leave the elevator changed forever, if they leave at all. Trust me, you won't be able to set this book down until you've unraveled every last mystery! AND once you’ve finished you’ll appreciate that 6ft of social distance a lot more! 

#4 - Crooked House

This is one of my absolute favorite Agatha Christie novels. Set in a sprawling, ramshackle mansion, the story revolves around a whacky big family and the murder of the patriarch. If you liked the movie Knives Out, you will LOVE this. It too has an eccentric cast of characters, a thrilling mystery, and an outsider tasked with discovering who killed the head of the house. Was it the widow, a beautiful woman fifty years younger than her husband? One of his strange children trying to get their hands on an early inheritance? I’ll leave that for you to find out! PLUS by the time you’ve finished the book, your family is bound to look “normal” by comparison!    

#3 - House of Leaves 

The next book on the countdown, House of Leaves by MD is difficult to describe. What I can give you is the setup. A young family moves to a secluded house on Ash Tree Lane (in some undisclosed state). While setting up for their new quite life, they discover that the measurements on the outside of the house are smaller than those of the inside. Thus, with this first eerie revelation begins a spiral into the abyss. Told with footnotes from the perspective of an unstable young man, and fragments of a documented investigation, House of Leaves is an unforgettable & chilling experience. Now available with the original colored words, vertical footnotes, and newly added appendices, this book is sure to make you appreciate the way your home obeys the laws of Physics!    

#2 - Bird Box

Have you ever been so afraid of a book, you’ve had to hide it under your bed? Well with #2 on our list, my friend Louisa did just that. After starting Bird Box she not only found herself too terrified to finish the book but also too enthralled not to. Bird Box tells the unsettling story of a young woman forced to shelter-in-place with a group of strangers in order to survive an invasive creature that is driving all who lay eyes on it insane. Forced into a world of darkness, faced with the difficult task of deciding who she can trust, our heroine must adapt to survive not only for herself but for her unborn baby. This is an absolute, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will have you glued to the pages. Once you’ve finished Bird Box, you’ll be thankful for all we still have, including the ability to take walks outside.  

#1 - The Haunting of Hill House

Obviously, number one on the list has to be The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Published in 1959 this book continues to be hailed as the “greatest haunted house story ever told.” I never knew a book could scare you until I read this one. Set in the old, notoriously spooky Hill House, four unique characters come together for a life-changing visit. An occult scholar in search of evidence of a real "haunting"; his flighty assistant; a fragile, enigmatic young woman, and Hill House’s future heir. What these visitors have yet to realize is that Hill House is not merely a spooky house, it is most certainly alive...and waking up. Can the soul of a house be good or bad? I’ll let you decide. But trust me, you will appreciate your house again after experiencing just one night between the pages of Hill House. 

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