Watermark Book Clubs

Watermark Books & Cafe is proud to sponsor and host a variety of general and specialized book clubs.

Listed here are all Watermark-sponsored groups, with meeting days and times for each. Follow the links to see each group's past and upcoming book picks.

If you'd like to receive a copy of Watermark's quarterly book club brochure listing all of our groups, their picks, and their meeting times, please click on the PDF link at the bottom of this page.

Private Book Clubs: Watermark also supplies books for a number of private book clubs in the area. We can order books in for you group, and we can also give book talks and make reading suggestions. Call us at (316) 682-1181 to order or to schedule a book talk.

Watermark book clubs are open to all, and all but one are free (the KMUW Literary Feast requires a ticket purchase). Come join the conversations! Click on any link below to learn more about each book club.


And the Winner Is...Book Club

Chick Lit Book Club

Classic Book Club

Europa Editions Book Club

French Book Club

Then & Now Book Club 

Hot & Popular Book Club

Longitude Book Club

Mystery Book Club

Vampires Anonymous 

Watermark Book Club

Watermark Challenge

KMUW Literary Feast

First in a Series Summer Book Club

Graphic Novel Summer Book Club