Camp Watermark

Camp Watermark is a day camp for youth, ages 7  to 11, with fun hands-on projects and activities based on books. It is held each Wednesday between July 5 and August 2nd from  from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. All  of the sessions include lunch and supplies for the projects and activities. Individual sessions are $30 each, or $125 if you sign up for all five sessions. The schedule is as follows:

July 5 - Spy Camp (The Great Greene Heist) - Participants will work on teambuilding  and mastering spy skills. They will make and break codes, create spy gadges, and work on escape techniques.

July 12 -  Camp Half Blood (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) -  Go back in time to learn about the Greeks and Romans through their mythology. Activities include creating your own god (with myth!) and monsters, plus some hands-on demigod training!

July 19 - Coding (Basics) Camp -  Interested in learning the basics on how to code? Join us for hands-on activities designed to teach the basics of coding.

July 26 - SESSION FULL! - The Camp that Shall Not Be Named (Harry Potter) - Come to Hogwarts for a day! Classes include Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures. 

August 2 - Read It! Play It! Camp (Shakespeare) - Spend a day with the Bard! Get to know the history of the time period, as well as work though acting, scenery, and costuming a Shakespeare play.

To sign up, click below or call the bookstore at (316) 682-1181.