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American Heart, Laura Moriarty’s first YA novel, takes place in a future (or possibly contemporary) America in which the government has instituted a Muslim registry and forced all Muslims into detainment camps. Sadaf, a smart and deeply emotional Muslim American professor of Electrical Engineering, is on-the-fly when she meets Sarah-Mary, a spunky, seventeen-year-old atheist who agrees, against her nascent and misguided ideas of patriotism, to help ferry Sadaf (a la Huckleberry Finn) to freedom in Canada.

On a nuts-and-bolts level, the novel is entertaining, suspenseful, and, at times, immensely funny. Readers of all ages will find value in the complicated relationship between Sarah-Mary and Sadaf, as well as their relationship to the larger world with which they must contend. The novel relies on a diverse cast of characters—African American, Asian American, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, gay, upper-class conservative—who come to Sarah-Mary and Sadaf’s aid as they hitchhike across the Midwest. While Sarah-Mary does help Sadaf on this journey, it has little to do with the novel’s take-away, which is that the 21st century American heart needs some serious examination, particularly those hearts that are white.

It’s unfortunate that American Heart has garnered such harsh criticism (as well as empty and therefore meaningless praise) from people who, in large part, have not read it—a phenomenon that portends a dangerous trend in cultural censorship, both in attitude and in practice. Especially for teenagers and preteens on the brink of forming their own political ideologies (or adults in need of recalibration), this book is a timely and necessary contribution to the discussion of race, religion, and politics in contemporary America.

Becky Mandelbaum, author of Bad Kansas, is a former student of Laura Moriarty. 

— Becky Mandelbaum


A powerful and thought-provoking YA debut from New York Times bestselling author Laura Moriarty.

Imagine a United States in which registries and detainment camps for Muslim-Americans are a reality.

Fifteen-year-old Sarah-Mary Williams of Hannibal, Missouri, lives in this world, and though she has strong opinions on almost everything, she isn't concerned with the internments because she doesn't know any Muslims. She assumes that everything she reads and sees in the news is true, and that these plans are better for everyone's safety.

But when she happens upon Sadaf, a Muslim fugitive determined to reach freedom in Canada, Sarah-Mary at first believes she must turn her in. But Sadaf challenges Sarah-Mary's perceptions of right and wrong, and instead Sarah-Mary decides, with growing conviction, to do all she can to help Sadaf escape.

The two set off on a desperate journey, hitchhiking through the heart of an America that is at times courageous and kind, but always full of tension and danger for anyone deemed suspicious.

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ISBN: 9780062694102
ISBN-10: 0062694103
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: January 30th, 2018
Pages: 416
Language: English